JAIME CAMIL Returns To Primetime TV TONIGHT & EVERY Weeknight t

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After Recent Hollywood Box-Office Success, And #1 Primetime TV Ratings…

Latin Film & TV Star JAIME CAMIL Is Returning To

U.S. Primetime Television Every Weeknight Beginning TONIGHT, January 6th With A Starring Role In “QUÉ POBRES TAN RICOS”


-After Recent 23+Point Ratings and Astounding 46% Market Share In Mexico, The Hugely Successful Hour-Long Romantic Comedy Was Fast-Tracked For A U.S. Primetime Premiere And Will Now Air Everyday:

Monday-Friday at 10:00pm ET/PT On Univision


“[Alongside Jennifer Lopez, Sophia Vergara, Eva Longoria and director Alfonso Cuaron] Jaime Camil Is One Of The 10 Latinos Who Took Hollywood By Storm In 2013… crossover stars that transitioned seamlessly from Spanish entertainment to the American market. …Jaime Camil, one of Mexico’s most famous ‘Latin Lovers’ has now captured the hearts of many American girls as well” – Latin Times


Hailed in recent U.S. media reviews as a “charismatic… handsome… musically and comically gifted heartthrob… with movie-star charm,” Jaime Camil is already one of the most well-known and in-demand Latin actors in the world - his previous primetime starring series attracted over 4.3 MILLION daily viewers in The United States alone and over 400 Million worldwide. After a special cameo appearance that delivered a 35% ratings spike on “Devious Maids”, Jaime Camil also recently made the jump to Feature Film Leadwith his critically-praised performance in the Pantelion Films/Lionsgate bilingual comedy “Pulling Strings”. Camil’s starring role lead the film to an impressive  “A+”Cinemascore and delivered the industry’s second-highest per-screen average of its debut week: trailing ONLY George Clooney & Sandra Bullock in “Gravity,” while more than tripling the Justin Timberlake & Ben Affleck project Runner Runner”.   Although only released in November, “Pulling Strings” quickly became the third highest-grossing Foreign Language film of 2013 in the United States, and has sold over 2.2 million tickets already in Mexico.


Now, while in the midst of planning his next film role, Jaime Camil is satisfying fan demand with an eagerly awaited return to primetime television via a starring role in the new short-term series “Qué Pobres Tan Ricos." Having debuted in mid-November on Televisa, the show has quickly become a ratings smash across Mexico with episode numbers consistently hitting up to 23+ point ratings and a 46 share.  While most Spanish language melodramas produced by Televisa do not begin a U.S. broadcast run until well after the series conclusion in Mexico, the excitement generated by Qué Pobres Tan Ricos" has lead Univision to fast-track the start of the comedic drama’s U.S. broadcast run.  So, look for Jaime Camil and Qué Pobres Tan Ricos” to now air every weeknight at 10pm ET/PT.


Recent Sample Reviews of Jaime Camil In The Feature Film “Pulling Strings”


“Pulling Strings came out of nowhere and captured a Latin audience Hollywood barely knows exists…it's a bilingual romantic comedy made in Mexico but clearly seeking a crossover audience north of the border. Opening on just 387 screens this weekend, it averaged an estimated $6,460 per screen” – Rolling Stone


“A sweet effort that serves as an excellent showcase for its Mexican star, Jaime Camil. The effortlessly charismatic performer delivers a winning performance in this romantic comedy

… a winning vehicle that should provide its star easy entry to Hollywood films. – Hollywood Reporter


Pulling Strings benefits greatly from the charm of lead player Jaime Camil, a Mexican TV and film star who evidences smooth self-assurance at the wheel of what could be his crossover vehicle…

It helps even more that, when it comes to mariachi singing, Camil is a suitably smooth crooner”. – Variety


‘Lead actor jazzes up romantic comedy …a winning vehicle for singer-actor Jaime Camil…. the bilingual, handsome, musically and comically gifted Camil shows us charisma that could have Hollywood calling”

– Chicago Tribune/ McClatchy-Tribune


Adventure, romance and singing…A vehicle for Jaime Camil in Spanish and English… Serving mostly as a strong calling card for star Jaime Camil, the film has an appealingly loose, charm….. – Los Angeles Times


“Actor-singer Jaime Camil is a big star in his native Mexico. With any luck, the bilingual rom-com “Pulling Strings” will be the project that makes him famous with English-language audiences as well….the movie boasts an understated sweetness, largely fueled by Camil’s movie-star charms. He’s the kind of performer who doesn’t have to work hard to win over an audience; he is instantly likable. In a movie like this, that’s money in the bank. …You’ve also got Camil breaking into song every so often, as the soundtrack mixes lovely original tunes with Mexican standards like “Deja Que Salga La Luna” and “La Bikina.” That’s a good thing.” – Arizona Republic


“Jaime Camil has been one of Mexico's most famous leading men for a while now… Tall, dark and handsome are only the superficial qualities that might define him, but this man's charisma, along with an easy going and funny personality, make every woman in the world swoon the minute you feel his presence. It's a feeling almost indescribable, the one you get when you find yourself face to chest -- he stands at an impressive 6'3 -- with Jaime.…the impression that Jaime left me is that he is the example of a hard-working talented actor and singer, who doesn't take things for granted and is more than just a gorgeous (and that's an understatement) face.”

– Latin Times


“Jaime Camil is a talented actor, singer and heartthrob… Appealing performances and a not always predictable storyline help elevate Pulling Strings” – Chicago Sun-Times


“'Pulling Strings' Is Box Office Hit As Limited Release Indie Film:  The Jaime Camil rom com scored $2.5 million across just 387 screens. Numbers-wise, that’s an incredible average… The flick also picked up some major love from the critics, earning an A+ on Cinemascore” – Huffington Post


“Jaime Camil is quite superb …he just nails the dramatic moments, giving ‘Pulling Strings’ its ballast. His musical numbers are terrific as well, with one in particular being worth the price of admission. The song, "Maria," is sheer poetry, and his performance sheer soul; so lovely that it inspired audible response and applause from the screening audience. I can’t wait to see more from him going forward.” – Examiner


“The bilingual comedy “Pulling Strings” is the latest movie to target Hispanic audiences in the U.S. and connect at the box office…. The romantic comedy about a Mexican mariachi and an American embassy employee … took in a $6,460 per-theater average, better than any film wide release except for “Gravity.” …opening weekend audiences gave “Pulling Strings” a rare “A+” CinemaScore.”- The Wrap




Entusiasta de la vida y el amor que no pierde el buen sentido por disfrutar de los placeres de la vida.

Y con ese mismo paradigma me menejo en el mundo del entretenimiento.

A mis 71 años de vida y un monton de experiencia, me gusta salir a entrevistar a las estrellas del pasado, presente y futuro.

Además de darle a conocer al mundo sobre el talento de nuestras luminarias latinas y hollywoodenses, también me gusta destacar lo que pasa en sus vidas, su corazón y su sentir de quienes eligieron el camino del cine, televisión o la música.

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