Julio Iglesias and Rafa Nadal: two stars shone together

Julio Iglesias packed the Jardines de Abril to capacity in an intimate concert wherein the tennis player Rafael Nadal numbered amongst the audience.


He is always one of the most keenly anticipated artists. On August 5th, Julio Iglesias, the best-selling Latin singer of all time, offered a concert in the Jardines de Abril in San Juan de Alicante. For many of the privileged few who attended this sold-out event, he offered the concert of his life.


The event was attended by another star, in this case, from the sporting world: the tennis player Rafael Nadal travelled to Alicante to go to the concert.

Romantic, versatile, but above all, intimate, Julio Iglesias captivated three generations.


He appeared on stage and the strong applause, which would accompany him throughout the remainder of the performance, began.


He spoke to the audience, stating that he had "fond memories of Alicante, because it was where it all began", making reference to the Festival of Benidorm, where he shot to fame after winning the contest with his legendary 'La vida sigue igual'. He could not resist acknowledging Rafa Nadal, telling him that "everyone in Spain is proud of you".


Following a number of famous hits that drew strong applause from the audience, many of those present, particularly women, did not hesitate to throw gifts on to the stage, which were picked up by the artist, expressing his gratitude in the form of gestures.


Songs such as 'La gota fría', 'Un canto a Galicia', 'Échame a mí la culpa',  'Me olvidé de vivir' and 'La vida sigue igual' were amongst those that received most applause on the night, although the moment that the audience enjoyed most was probably the medley featuring choruses from some of his most famous songs, including 'Abrázame' and 'Hey!'.


The complete line up of musicians and dancers and, above all, the fantastic work of the team of scenographers ensured that the light and sound accompanied each change of tone within his repertoire, wherein Iglesias was able to pass through the various styles that his extensive discography has offered to audiences in every corner of the world.


One on the stage, showing why he boasts more than forty years in the music business, and another in the seats, enthusiastically applauding along with the other 1200 attendees: two stars shone in Alicante yesterday.



Entusiasta de la vida y el amor que no pierde el buen sentido por disfrutar de los placeres de la vida.

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